RSSLoader was made as the best and simplest feed reader for comfortable reading and syncing feeds with DropBox. RSSLoader will automatically detect the availability of DropBox servers and creates special folder for synchronization your feeds between all devices. Description for Russian users.

- very lightweight
- works with Mac OSX since version 10.8
- localized to english and russian languages
- group feeds into folders and subfolders
- DropBox support
- integrated web browser
- sync data across multiple devices via Dropbox account

(1) At the left side of the RSSLoader window you can see column with two sections, the first section is Smart Feeds,where you can see four options, each of them displays selected news by your own rules. The second section, where you can create a groups or simply subscribe to the new feeds. Furthermore, you can create, delete, edit groups and manage your subscriptions via the context menu or using the application menu and even using keyboard shortcuts, as well as a group of buttons at the bottom of this column!

(2) In the middle of the RSSLoader you can see column with the messages. You can sort them by date, title, and favorites. In this column you can also use context menu “Open in browser”, “Mark as favorite”, “Mark as unread» and “Delete”. You can do the same thing using the application menu or keyboard shortcuts.

(3) the Column on the right shows the contents of the message as text or as a web page, switching between the two modes of view with buttons at the bottom of the column.

(4) With two buttons on the left at the top of the window, you can control synchronizing and syncing of your feeds.

(5) From here you can find any possible news in your feed via simple search box .

(6) Here you can see setups of the RSSLoader. You can set up sync with DropBox, set the time of updates, and delete messages. In addition to that, you can change options of the status icon.


New version Subtitle Converter 2.0

-New more functional and nice user interface,
-Improved conversion engine,
-Improved multitasking,
-Improved speed and performance

New version Subtitle Converter 1.03

Some languages ​​are not detected automatically. The table is made to choose the encoding and shows sample text after transcoding.

Movie Details CZ

Movie Details CZ – služby kontextu hledání na název filmu založeného na místě, který využívá standardní funkčnost systému Služby.

New version Subtitle Converter 1.02

What’s New in Subtitle Converter Version 1.02

Support for idx / sub subtitle graphics. Recognition quality depends on the dictionary files for the languages you can see them by clicking on the “Languages” button in the main window. And you can change them and add new languages.
Dictionaries installed with the application (Ancient Greek, Esperanto alternative, English, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Tagalog, Telugu, Tamil, Swedish, Swahili, Serbian (Latin), Albanian, Spanish (Old), Spanish, Slovenian, Slovakian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Malay, Maltese, Macedonian, Malayalam, Lithuanian, Latvian, Korean, Kannada, Italian (Old), Italian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Cherokee, Hungarian, Croatian, Hindi, Hebrew, Galician, Middle French (ca. 1400-1600), Frankish, French, Finnish, Basque, Estonian, Esperanto, Middle English (1100-1500), Greek, German, Danish, Czech, Catalan, Bulgarian, Bengali, Belarusian, Azerbaijani, Arabic, Afrikaans, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Vietnamese, Ancient Greek).


4Sync is a useful application to synchronize your essential files and keep them at your disposal, no matter where you are at the very moment.

Movie Details RUS

Movie Details – это сервис контекстного поиска по названию фильма в базе сайта, который использует стандартный системный функционал Службы.

Subtitle Converter

Small application to convert subtitle files (ass, ssa, s2k, smi, sub) to format srt. Automatic detection of the encoding, converts the encoding utf-8.

What’s New in this Version 1.01

1. Drag and Drop into table.
2. Decode srt-files in UTF8.

Good Look

iPhone app for every day new sets of clothes from fashion designers, you can save your favorite sets, and view the kits in the past week.



iPad app for watching movies from the site